Thursday, November 20, 2014

Your Angel Card for the day is...

Remember to say a prayer or ask a question, then read the card.

Archangel Michael

Your Angels want you to know that they sent down the most powerful archangel to give you strength and confidence to release all your fears.

Archangel Michael is letting you know that he is here for you. He is a true sign of courage and wisdom and always by your side. He lets you know that God's love is the only love there is. Don't be scared of change and challenges in your life, you are safe and secure. All the angels want you to stay true to yourself.

Speak from your heart and often with Micheal. Give him all your worries, fears and concerns. You will never over burden him, he can listen to everyone and help all.

Have a blessed day!

Love & Light

See below for your Angel of Love card...


This card is here to answer yes to your question. Trust what the Angels are sending to you now and that everything is where it should be. Don't add in any fear because that only creates drama and negativity. Stay positive and turn over to your Angels any fears or worries you may have.

You have blessings and personal growth in your current situation which is leading you to the romantic love you so desire and deserve. Keep on your path and trust that your Angels are watching over you. Keep the faith and all things are possible.

Love & Light

~ Joni Joy xo :)

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