Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Angel Card for the day is....

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What a wonderful card to receive today! You have good news and it is cause for celebration. All your hard work is about to pay off. Your Angels want you to know that this a light-filled time in your life. You have been working hard and making changes, and your dreams are starting to manifest into form. So fill your heart with warm gratitude.

Your Angels ask you to hold strong on your gratitude. This card is a strong sign that you must be grateful right now as these changes are coming. The seeds you plant now and nurture them, will be the fruit of your labor and yield you new growth. Keep attending to your seeds and very soon you will see them spout. God & your Angels are helping you to grow and expand. Have trust & faith. 

Have a day full of celebration!

Love & Light

See below for your Angel of Love card...


Your Angels want you to know that being yourself is the most attractive. Don't stress about trying to find romance. This card states that you will attract a lover by being your true self.

Don't try to hard to find that special someone, he/she is waiting for you around the corner. When you try to hard that causes fear and stress and pushes away the one thing that you want most. 

So take this time to enjoy the flowers, do things you enjoy, and put a smile on your face. Know that you are a beautiful and loving person. Tell yourself daily that you deserve to be loved and love will come to you.

Have a heart filled day!

Love & light

~ Joni Joy xo :)

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