Saturday, August 29, 2015

Your Angel Card for the day is...

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God & your Angels want you to let go of any anger or troubling situations that don't serve your higher purpose. Just because you choose to forgive a person doesn't mean you forget what they did. It just means that you will no longer carry the pain & bad energy with you. Then you do this, it gives you a chance to heal and have peace in your heart.

You are a wonderful caring person of God who doesn't need to be dragged down by others. Holding on to anger only makes you feel sick and weighted down. Forgiving never says that it is okay to treat me that way, it just lets the peace wash over you. If you want to feel healed, then you must let go of anger. So go ask your wonderful Angels to come and help with the healing and releasing. You are so worth it!

Have a blessed day!

Love & Light

See below for your Angel of Love card...

Show your Love

Show someone today how much they mean to you. Love is a magical thing that can heal any broken heart. Love is what makes the world go round.
This card is telling you to take control of your love life. Call up that someone special and ask them out. Maybe send flowers or a special note to show you are interested.

When you express your Love, you become a Love magnet. It shows all over your face & body. Your energy sores which brings even more Love to you. This is the time to accept Love so you can receive it from everyone including God & your Angels who only want you to be happy and enjoy all that life has to bring. 

If you are already in a relationship, then take time today to tell them how much you love and respect them. The world wouldn't be the same with out you. We all need love to feel safe & secure.

Have a Love filled day!

Love & Light

~ Joni Joy xo :)

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